Mr Wednesday

With the first series just starting on Starz and Amazon, it’s surprising how quickly that Starz has green-lit a second series, but they have. However, with a series this good, it makes sense to get the cast and crew back as soon as possible.

I recently tweeted that this is a series that bleeds atmosphere and I stand by that. Like Preacher, which has also recently been given a second series, this is one of those TV shows that has style and substance. There are some great character actors here, including Ian McShane who I have to admit gives a fresh take on the king of the old gods, Mr Wednesday. Look at the history of his name and you soon realise that he is more than he seems to be. His glass eye somewhat gives that away too.

I wish that Amazon would do what Netflix do and release the whole series in one go, because I am chomping at the bit to see more.

Congratulations to the cast and the team behind them.

By Louis Turfrey