The first reviews of Alien – Covenant are in and it’s a mixed bag. Here are a few exerts with links to the original pages:

Ian Freer of Empire Magazine:

An upgrade from Prometheus, Alien: Covenant amps up the thrills but doesn’t deliver a memorable crew member or the full-on onslaught of the series at its height.”

Peter Debruge of Variety:

A return to form for both Scott and the series: a hard-R horror movie, featuring ferocious, acid-dripping space crustaceans, a tough female lead and a bunch of dead-meat crew members.”

Edward Douglas of New York Daily News:

Anyone on board with Scott’s attempt to tell an origin story for the famed “xenomorph” from “Alien” should appreciate “Alien: Covenant.””

Last but not least, Ryan Lambie from Den of Geek had this to say:

The title monster may be too familiar to really terrify us these days, but Alien: Covenant nevertheless has more than a few moments to quicken the pulse and still the blood.

Look out for our own reviews in the coming days.


By Louis Turfrey