The crew step out the lifeboat, ready for season two!

There has been a change of mind from broadcaster NBC. Timeless series two has been given the green light! Lets hope that the cast haven’t jumped off onto new projects already.

Showrunner Eric Kripke has stated that it will be aired in 2018, possibly as early as the spring. It will be placed in an earlier time slot that they think will attract a bigger and possibly younger audience. Let’s hope they don’t make that an excuse to dumb down the plot lines.

Unlike the original 16 episode first series, it is thought that there will only be 10 episodes in the second season. However, if the new time slot proves more successful, that could be modified or turned into a third season.

The reversal in fortunes comes after fans of the show and Sony Television, who makes the show, lobbied hard to get the series renewed. Just goes to show that if you believe in something you should push it forward. Congratulations to all involved.


By Louis Turfrey