This weeks box office figures are in from Box Office Mojo and it looks like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is close to $250 million dollars in the US alone. With a second weeks takings of just over $63 million in the US, it’s domestic total is now at a little over $246 million and it is still in first position. Combine that with the international box office and Guardians 2 is now pushing a little more than $630 million globally. However, with Beauty and the Beast at $493 million domestically and still in position 6, I can’t see it catching up on this reinvention of the Disney classic any time soon.

Surprisingly, The Fate of the Furious has only earned $215 Million US domestic, probably due to being dropped out of 528 theatres in the US. However, it has rocked around the rest of the world and has pulled in a total of $1.193 Billion. Yes Folks, that is Billion not Million. This could conceivably make it one of the most successful film franchises of all time if it continues along these lines. However, when you consider that the movie has only been playing in the US for five weeks, that is still one hell of a haul. At this rate, I can see this franchise going on and on. It is currently sitting fourth on the US charts.

New entries in the US chart this week were Snatched, in second position and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword in third position. Snatched pulled in $17.5 Million domestically and Legend of the Sword is at $14.7 Million domestically. Both were new releases this week.

Another new release this week was The Wall. It’s a small movie, from Amazon Films, featuring John Cena and has suffered from a mixed series of reviews. As a consequence it has only pulled in $891,590 this weekend. It cannot help that it is only being shown on 541 screens. I think this is one of those movies that deserves a second look, but it suffers from being filmed around a single location with tight but limited action. Keep an eye out for this on the movies sites when it comes off screen.


Last but not least we should be looking to the new Alien: Covenant movie. Released internationally last Friday, it has earned approximately $43 million dollars. However, it hasn’t opened in all markets yet and is due to open in the US on 19th May. Only time will tell us if this is to be more a successful movie than its predecessor.

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Article by Louis Turfrey created with figures provided by Box Office Mojo