As if any fan of the series didn’t already know, the latest season of Preacher has been green lighted for quite a while now. In fact it was confirmed before the end of Season 1 had even been completed.

A new teaser trailer was released yesterday and it looks like the second season of the show is going to be every bit as fun and irreverent as the first one.

If you haven’t seen Preacher Season 1, and you really feel that it has left a gap in your viewing pleasure then fear not. At the end of this month we will be giving away the DVD box set. Yes, four disks of DVD loveliness including a code for digital download. “Why not the Blu-ray?” I hear you ask. Because not everyone has one yet.

Unfortunately the DVD is Region 2 encoded, but if that won’t stop you then we will post it to anywhere we are allowed to in the world. Keep your eyes open for the launch.



Reported by Louis Turfrey