Imagine if someone had created a love child of Star Trek and Family Guy? This is Seth MacFarlane’s new brainchild, The Orville. FOX have had this in the works for a little while now and they have just announced it as part of their autumn lineup. The trailer is excellent and if the show is only half as good as this, then I am really going to enjoy it.

MacFarlane himself is a life long fan of Star Trek, having acted in a few of the episodes himself, so this should be not only a good parody but hopefully an insightful one too. This is no low budget experience either. Sets look fantastic and the ship designs are both futuristic and interesting. Despite the homage to Star Trek, only the ship interiors and the uniform designs look anything like the show that many say it is based upon.

Set 300 years into the future, when Earths space fleet has more ships than captains, MacFarlanes character, Ed,  is given a ship and a crew – but it’s made clear he isn’t the first choice. It’s his last chance to prove himself and he is determined to do so without problems or incidents. Unfortunately, fate leads him down another path.


With MacFarlane himself playing the captain and actors like Halston Sage, Scott Grimes and the lovely Adrianne Palicki as members of the crew, there should be some great chemistry. Not only that, but some of the episodes are being directed by ex Star Trek alumni, including: Brannon Braga, Jonathan Frakes and Robert Duncan McNeill. Add in the great and glorious Jon Favreau as both a director and a producer just puts the icing on to the cake.

The New Bridge Crew

As mentioned before, the show starts this autumn and the new trailer can be found here: 


Reported by Louis Turfrey