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There has been a rumour for a while now that the CW was working on a new series based upon the 70’s comic hero – Black Lightning. Well, it is no longer a rumour. The CW have released their first trailer and to be honest folks it looks completely bad ass.

In DC Comics Black Lightning: Year One, he’s a meta-human born with the ability to “generate and magnify externally localised electro-magnetic phenomena by manipulating intense bioelectric fields generated from his body”. Basically, give him a little energy and he can produce significantly more of it. Lot’s more. His powers allow him to lift people and objects, move at increased speed and kick like a mule. Oh yeah, he can zap people with electrical blasts of varying intensity too. Nice.

This series will have a multi-generational aspect too, as Black Lightning has to cope with the fact that his daughters may have inherited some or all of his abilities.

There is no release date on the show yet, but it looks like it is going to be dark and amazing at the same time.



Reported by Louis Turfrey