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Many years ago, some pretty innovative puppeteers and animatronics geniuses, led by a chap called Jim Henson, created a fantastic adventure of a movie called The Dark Crystal. At the time of its release, 1982, it was a visual feast that not only had a decent story but also had a great series of characters that you could suspend belief for.

Imagine our delight then when we heard that Netflix will be producing a prequel to the movie called: Dark Crystal – Age of Resistance

The series will again feature puppetry, but it will be mixed with digital effects and production. I’m not too worried about the last part because The Jim Henson Co. will be back to do the honours and the executive producer will be Lisa Henson, Jim Henson’s daughter.

I hope this lives up to everyones expectations because there will be a lot of 40 somethings waiting to re-capture their youth.