So, you want to write for Lightsabre do you? Well there are a few things you need to know first.

  1. We are a fan run site created for the fans by the fans – so we need fans!
  2. Fans of what? Science Fiction & Fantasy books, comics and media. Maybe toys too, who knows?
  3. Do we get paid? Well, not yet. It’s done for the fun of it at the moment, but who knows – we may even be sponsored one day…
  4. What sort of people, aka STAFF, are needed for the site? Well, of you can write reviews, stories, gossip (with sources), spoilers, have theories about movies or TV shows, like comics and geeky stuff then we need you. Experience not needed, just send us an idea and be prepared to meet a deadline.

Are you interested? If the answer is yes then drop me a line at: louis@lightsabre.co.uk, (did I mention you get a geeky forwarded mail address too?)

If  you have already said yes then thank you, but why haven’t you answered the message we sent in return, (only kidding – maybe)?