resident evil

In case you missed it, the latest episode in the Resident Evil movie franchise, entitled The Final Chapter, made over $312 million and that’s before it’s hit DVD and download distribution. So, despite the fact that its current director and writer Paul WS Anderson has said that it’s the last one he is going to make, the owners of the franchise have said that they are working on how to restart and reboot the franchise.

This isn’t surprising when you consider that the movies have been such a reliable money spinner for the franchise owners, Constantin Films. In fact, their own chairman recently said that they are working on ways to create a reboot.

Should they though? Surely the Zombie era is dying a death? (pun intended).

Well there are fans of the series that say that it couldn’t possibly be as good without its main star Milla Jovovich, but there are others that think that fresh blood could give the franchise some new life and maybe a new audience. Whatever the fans think, it’s always going to be the money that makes the difference. As long as the films still make money, they will continue making them.

I would just like to see Milla Jovovich one more time, fully empowered and ready to kick ass as she rides off into a brave new world. Oh well, at least the last movie managed to get half way there.

Reported by Louis Turfrey