Well it had to happen but it’s one hell of a disappointment. Alien Covenant is number 1 on the US top 10, with Guardians 2 following very closely behind. The disappointing thing is that Covenant only opened in the US to a $36 million weekend. When you consider that Guardians 2 has been in the charts for 3 weeks already and is still pulling in $34.6 million, its a bit of a shock for the franchise. However, fans shouldn’t be disheartened because the new Alien epic reportedly cost less than half of what the new Guardians movie did. So in effect, it only has to make $97 million to break even.

Everything, Everything is proving that romantic dramas are still a thing, as it sit’s in third position in the chart. It has already beaten it’s meagre production budget so anything else is a bonus and a success. It’s a shame really that it has received so many mixed reviews, but at least these figures prove that someone is liking it.

Coming in at number 4, and on it’s second week is Snatched, a comedy staring Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer. This mother / daughter comedy is outrageous in it’s concepts but has some genuinely funny moments. It’s on target to break even by it’s fifth week domestically, so when you add in the international figures it is well on its way to being a success. Reviews have been generally favourable which is great because I haven’t seen Goldie in a movie for a while now.

King Arthur: Legend of The Sword is sitting at number 5, having only been in the charts for 2 weeks. This is a disaster for a movie that cost $175 million to make and has so far only cleared $27.5 million in the US. I would think that certain film producers are swearing silently to themselves at the moment.

Notable hangers on in the top ten include the Fate of The Furious at number 7 and Beauty and The Beast which is still there at number 9. Now that’s a successful movie.

Thanks to Box Office Mojo for providing the figures.

Reported by Louis Turfrey