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Despite a couple of naysayers that seem to have never read the comics, or gotten the whole point of Wonder Woman, the first set of 50 or more reviews are positive. More than positive in some cases.

It would seem that in general, everyone loves Gal Gadot as the new Wonder Woman, and why wouldn’t they? She’s a fun, strong and intelligent actress with a cheeky side that comes across on the screen. The perfect person to play a modern day Wonder Woman. Her physical prowess is what impresses most though, because she comes across as believable in all of the fight scenes – even those with wire enhance leaps and special effect enhanced weapons. You really feel that you wouldn’t want to go up against this lady in a fight.

This is hands down the best DCEU movie to date and some are saying it is one of the best Superhero movies overall. I reserve judgement on that, but it is definitely one film you are not going to forgive yourself for missing on the big screen. It has a lot of visual impact, comedy, action and there is great chemistry between Wonder Woman and Chris Pine’s version of Steve Trevor. This isn’t a feminists film, it doesn’t need to be. It rises above feminism. Nobody could doubt that Wonder Woman in this movie is beyond anyones equal.

Check out Rotten Tomatoes to get an idea of just how well received this movie is.