wonder woman

If you didn’t know it already, Wonder Woman is now top of the US chart and has opened worldwide to mostly favourable reviews. Okay, maybe that’s an understatement. Wonder Woman is one of the best hero movies that this meagre writer has ever seen and ticks all the boxes. It would seem the world thinks that too. In the USA, it has made $103.2 Million in its first weekend. In international markets, that figure was $125 Million. As I write this article it has still to open in many of the European countries and in Japan. Estimates are that it will finish in the top ten films for the year, which would be great if it happened. Personally I would rather wait and see, but it sits at number 18 in the year worldwide to date, number 1 in the USA. It is also the fourth highest opening out of the new DCEU films and the highest ever opening for a movie with a female director. So it would seem that the movie is living up to its name. Personally, I think it will surpass everything but Batman vs Superman.

captain underpants
Captain Underpants is born

Another new release this week was Captain Underpants, an animated movie based upon the children’s books of the same name written by Dav Pilkey. They have been incredibly successful worldwide and it would seem that their success is what has inspired Dreamworks to create what is essentially a movie for adults and children alike. In it’s first weekend it has pulled in a not insignificant $23.8 Million in the US alone. It’s a shame that it was released in the same week as Wonder Woman as it may have earned more. However, the international release has been staggered which probably explains why it has only taken $746,769 internationally.


Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is still sitting at number 3 in the US chart after just two weeks of release, having grossed $115 Million in the US. This doesn’t seem a lot, but when you add in an international take of $393 Million you can only gape in awe. With over $508 Million dollars as a gross worldwide take, this could be one of the biggest earners of the year for Disney. That’s not to say it’s a good film though. It has been panned by many of the critics. This hasn’t stopped the fans of the franchise though, and many of the general audience reviews are favourable. It has a critics score of 29% on rotten tomatoes and an audience score of 70%. So they must have done something right.


Guardians of The Galaxy has dropped to number 4 in the US chart this weekend, but is still hanging in there. It has made $355.6 Million in the US and $461.9 Million Internationally. This means it has taken $817.5 Million worldwide. Remember, this movie has only been showing for a little over 5 weeks in the US and it’s already in the top 5 Marvel films in the MCU franchise. It could feasibly get to the top 3 before it finishes its run.

Baywatch is sticking at number 5, but has not yet earned back its costs worldwide. Having made $8.7 Million in the US this weekend, and a total of $68 Million worldwide, this should surpass its costs within the next week. This can only be a good thing for the franchise, but I can’t help feeling that they could have done more with this movie. Time will tell whether this officially becomes a hit.

In at number 6 and refusing to die is Alien: Covenant. Despite mixed reviews for what is essentially a pretty decent science fiction movie, this new entry into the Alien franchise is about to double its costs worldwide. It may not be making billions. but a worldwide take of $174 Million isn’t bad for a $90 Million film that nobody seems to like.

Everything, Everything is sitting at number 7 and has nearly tripled its meagre $10 Million budget. With no international release to date, this movie can be judged to be a commercial success even if it isn’t a critical one.

Snatched is sitting steady at the number 8 position and with worldwide takings it has now passed its production costs. However, despite generally favourable reviews, this isn’t the highest earning Amy Schumer movie and is dropping off quickly despite only being in the charts for 3.5 weeks.

King Arthur is still around at the number 10 position, but has still not earned back its production costs globally. However, the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid is still sitting steady at number 9 and has just passed its production costs.

Interesting points of note: Beauty and The Beast is still hanging in there at number 11, but The Fate of The Furious has dropped down to number 15. Both these movies have surpassed $1.2 Billion worldwide and made their stars very bankable.

That’s it for this week. See you next!

Louis Turfrey