When CHIPS was released at the cinema, it didn’t break even and to be honest it had a pretty short run of 9 weeks. Some of this lack of box office may have been due to the fact that for some reason it wasn’t marketed strongly. Another reason may have been the fact that it was billed as an action comedy. Fans of the original TV series that it was based upon stayed away in droves. Potential new fans didn’t seem to be interested either, which is a shame really.

The movie comes at the two main characters in a completely different way than the original series, which didn’t really explain their backgrounds. The introductions are quick and the reason for their partnering up is dealt with in short measure. That’s a good thing really because the film is not long, being only 1 Hr and 40 Mins in length. Once we are into the main part of the movie we are entertained with bike riding, police chases and comedic skits.

At some points I genuinely laughed so hard it hurt. However, in order to maintain the semi-serious storyline, the comedy doesn’t always flow as well as it should. That could put some people off, but if to does then they are simply asking too much of this movie. Although it pays homage to the original, and has a guest appearance by one of the original TV series actors, this is not the TV series. In some ways it is better, in other ways it is different but it is never worse. It is fun to watch, has a few hair raising stunts and I would venture to say that at one point it has far more female police officers on screen than men. At one point.

If you are after an easy viewing movie with a bit of titillation, a decent mix of comedy and action and one or two genuinely yucky moments then rent this out. It’s easy to watch, easy on the eye and both Pena and Dax Shepard play their parts well. By the way, is it me or does Dax Shepard have a startling resemblance to Zach Braff?

Chips will soon be available to buy and can be viewed on Amazon Video and iTunes now.

CHIPS Law And Disorder



Quick review by Louis Turfrey