With only a few days left until the release of the fifth live action movie in the Transformers series, many reviewers are already getting ready to give it a bumpy ride. Does it matter though? Well, essentially, no it doesn’t.

Whether you like the live action incarnations of these movies or not, they are still damn good entertainment. Yes, they are mindlessly explosive in places. Yes, they are often low on plot. However, what makes these movies damn good fun is their heart and the pleasure of seeing many of our childhood toys come to life on the big screen.

It doesn’t actually matter what the critics say, or how high the Rotten Tomato score is. All that matters is if the public enjoy the movies and whether they keep coming back for more. In this case they do, because the movies have made three times their costs so far. In fact the previous four movies have made nearly $3.8 Billion at the box office. Add in DVD / Bluray earnings and you can see why the format hasn’t changed much.

As a fan of all versions of the Transformers, I eagerly and unashamedly await the next instalment.

“There’s a thin line between being a hero and being a memory.”
Optimus Prime

Check out the latest trailer below.