cars3 driven to win

Times there are a changing and so are this weeks US box office entries. Top of the heap this week is a new entry from those ever persistent people at Pixar. Cars 3 has come straight in at Number 1 and knocked Wonder Woman off it’s perch with earnings just short of $53.7 Million.

This critically divisive animation has had better reviews than the second in the series, but is still never going to be as original and fun as the first. How long it stays at this level is yet to be seen.

wonder woman

Sitting solidly at number 2 is Wonder Woman. With three weeks in the charts it has still managed to bring in $41.27 Million this weekend. What is more amazing is it has a running total of $275 Million in just 17 days. Think that’s good? Well if you were to add in all the international totals as well, then you would get a global total of just under $573.5 Million. Wow. And it’s from DC too.

all eyez on me

Sitting pretty in third place is another new entry. All Eyez on Me, the biographical drama film about hip-hop artist Tupac Shakur, has entered at $26.43 Million. I suspect that fans of Tupac will keep this high for a couple more weeks but I can’t see it staying in the top ten for long. It might surprise us though.

the mummy

Number 4 in this weeks US chart is The Mummy. With a drop to $14.5 Million this week, the total earnings in the US are $57.12 Million. However, it is only in its second week of release and with a global earnings figure of $293.9 Million it has more than double its production cost. This puts its total earnings above Wonder Woman. An amazing figure. This is only the first in a series of new Dark Universe films so I think this will guarantee the rest of the series.


The third new entry this week is 47 Meters Down. This British made movie is full of suspense and shows you in sometimes gory detail just what happens when a shark cage with two women inside plummets 47 metres down to the sea floor. It has only made $11.2 Million in the US so far and is still waiting for a world wide release. We’ll have to see how this goes. It sits at number 5.


At number 6, and in its fourth week of release, is the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. With a weekend take of $8.96 Million, its running total is $150.57 Million in the US. With a production cost of $230 Million its a good job that it has a running global total of $651.2 Million. That’s a lot of money in a very short time.


Sitting at number 7 is another new entry, Rough Night. This new movie starring Scarlett Johansson plays to her comedic instincts but it has been described as anti-male by many of it’s critics. This could be why it has only taken $8 Million in the US and $12 Million worldwide. Whether it continues at this level or picks up will be a flip of the coin.

captain underpants
Captain Underpants is born

This weeks number 8 is Captain Underpants. It has dropped six places in one week, which is quite a surprise, but it has still managed to earn 7.18 Million and nearly $57.8 Million globally. However, it hasn’t opened in all markets yet so we can see this global figure continue to grow for a little while yet.


At number 9 and dropping four places in a week, is Guardians of The Galaxy 2. With earnings of $5 Million this week, this movie has now grossed $374.9 Million in the US alone. Its global total is even more impressive, having reached $844.7 Million. This makes it the third highest globally earning movie this year. It has also exceeded the earnings of its predecessor by a significant amount.


At number 10, dropping from last weeks number 6 position, is It Comes at Night. Despite being a genuinely well received and intense suspense movie, it has only taken $2.6 Million this weekend and just $11.12 Million in total. However, it hasn’t opened internationally yet so I hope this improves.

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Written by Louis Turfrey