Yes, today is the day that Preacher Season 2 launches on Amazon video and once more I ask the question – why do they serialise everything? Actually I know why, it’s to persuade you to stick around for the 13 weeks it takes to air it.

Anyway, is this new season off to a good start? You bet it is! It starts with a character driven moment in the car and develops into near all out war as our three anti-heroes suddenly find themselves running from an invisible asailant. From that moment on it is a combination of black humour, action and of course the search for GOD. The ending is also nearly as good as the start, until you realise where Preacher has been only moments before.

This is a fine start to a second season, and as usual it offers up a near perfect rendition of the spirit of the original comic. With maybe more fun on the side.

If you have a way to view this, I suggest you get to it as soon as you can.

Meanwhile, why not enter the competition from the link at the top of the page? You have until this Friday and the winner gets Preacher Season One on DVD.


A quick review by Louis Turfrey