Louis Turfrey looks at the new Inhuman’s series and gives us his opinion on the first episode. There may be spoilers ahead..

Medusa Prepares To Lose Her Hair
Medusa is captured by Maximus – (C) 2017 ABC / Marvel

I have seen many mixed reviews of the first episode of Inhuman’s, and to be honest I’m not in favour of them. I think too many reviewers expect too much from the first episode of any Marvel TV series. It’s as if they are expecting them to be as action packed and in your face as the movie’s. That’s the wrong attitude to take. Marvel TV shows exist pretty much to fill in the blanks or tell the big story. In this case, I am reserving judgement and just going with what I see – and what I see is a solid start to the new show.

It’s not in your face, it’s not got over the top effects and it has started with the characters rather than their abilities. However, lets quickly jump back to the effects and allow me to get one point across that bugs me – Medusa’s hair. It could have been done a lot better and smacks of a TV budget. That’s all I will say on that. Everything else is above acceptable, (but please – ABC – sort out that hair). Luckily the hair is not an issue for long, and if you have watched the trailers you will know why.

Anyway, what we have here is the start of a Marvel story that began in the comics during the 1960’s and has recently been expanded upon in the Marvels Agents of Shield TV show. Many have said that they are not in the same universe, but I don’t agree. In one of the scenes Black Bolt explains through Medusa that he’s trying to rescue Earth’s own Inhuman’s because the planets water supply has been infected by Terragen. That is straight out of Agents of Shield, so whether the two shows cross over or not, it’s pretty much certain that they are in the same universe. I could be wrong, but time will tell. By the way, Terragen is the mineral that activates the hidden genetic code of an Inhuman and gives them their abilities. Again I refer you to Agents of Shield.

This episode deals with the toppling of the old regime and the beginning of the new in Attilan, home of the Inhuman’s. In this version, Attilan is hidden on the moon and not as it was originally, on the Earth. I like this idea better, but I’m sure that it will annoy some purists. They should however remember that Attilan is mobile, and can move location. I find it a convenient plot point for this episode which enhances the difficulty for the main characters to return home.

In this episode, Maximus the brother of Black Bolt manages a coup and gives the royal family and some of their most loyal supporters no choice but to run or be captured. Maximus is played by the fantastic Iwan Rheon who’s previous role in Game of Thrones had everyone hating his character Ramsay Bolton. Although this new character may seem very similar to Bolton, we soon find out that Maximus truly believes that what he is doing is for the betterment of the Inhuman’s as a whole. Although his plan to fight the humans of Earth is probably the wrong way of going about it, his wish to remove the caste system of Attilan is more humane – because he is himself a human. Whether this is a ploy or not is something only the writers know, but I like the way he seems both intelligent and calculating.

That’s as much as I will reveal about this episode, but I get the feeling that this is going to be dealing more with the characters and how they cope in their new roles or locations and less about their abilities. It has interested me and I look forward to the next episode with quiet anticipation. Also, I’m hoping we’ll see the Fantastic Four at some time too – but I’m not holding my breath over it.