Louis looks at the first episode of the new series of Lucifer…there be spoilers ahead…

lucifer angel

Ever wondered why it is that Lucifer has become so popular? It’s because he’s portrayed as redeemable and as they say in this episode, if the devil can be redeemed then we all have a chance.

Of course, you would have to believe in such things first.

This episode was originally part of the second series, but I can see why they have used it as the starter for the third. It fits. We start the episode where we left off, with Lucifer waking up in the desert – with a new set of wings. Problem is, he still doesn’t want them. So one of the first things he does is cut them off. You’d think that would work, because it worked before, but this time things are a little different. Not only do they keep growing back, but in gaining his wings he’s lost his devil face. Yes, the biggest revelation is that Lucifer, once a fallen angel, is now back to being one of gods favourites…or so it seems.

As watchers of this series will know, nothing is ever that simple.

It takes a full episode to find it out, but Lucifer was in fact kidnapped on the behest of the head of criminal organisation. His name, The Sinnerman. Just who or what The Sinnerman can do or who he is has yet to be found out. What seems to be certain though, is that he could be the reason that Lucifer has his wings again. Whether they were returned to help him fight this man, or because of him, is not yet certain. What is certain is that it is really annoying the ex ruler of hell.

More questions to be asked and the start to a new story arc – all is good. As usual, the script is excellent, Lucifer is his usual annoying self and we get to see more of that cute forensics officer.

Fans of Smallville might also be surprised to know that the new head of the precinct, and Deckers boss, is played by Tom Welling. Yup – the blur is back.