#TheOrville – Louis Turfrey looks at this weeks episode and gives us his quick opinions…spoilers ahead!


So, episode 5 goes where no person on this series has gone before, romance. Does it work? Maybe. Is it a great plot point? Well it works up to a point. In fact I have to admit its a pretty cool episode. Just when you think you have an idea what is going on, things change.

What is most impressive is that the episode actually has a genuine series of funny moments, especially the series of practical jokes. What is most interesting is the guest appearance by Charlize Theron. She plays a time travelling captain called Pria, which is the title of the episode. Pria is a nasty piece of work, but we don’t find this out until almost two thirds of the way through the episode. Oh, and there’s time travel.

Now, before everyone groans, this episode treats time travel as an aside. So despite the fact the plot point revolves around it and Pria, it doesn’t intrude too badly on the character interactions. This is like an episode of Next Generation, with more comedy. In fact the comedy falls correct about 95% of the time which is an improvement on previous episodes.

What we do see here though, is the continuing dynamic between Mercer and his first officer and ex wife Kelly. Despite her protestations, she actually appears to be jealous of the burgeoning romance between Mercer and Pria. I think this show shines more when these two characters interact as there seems to be some real chemistry there. Reminds me of Picard and Crusher at times, (but less subtle).

Anyway, two things you need to look for in this episode are the absolutely brilliant wormhole effects and the dark matter run.

Oh, and the cat fight towards the end.