Louis Turfrey likes the new Star Trek series, but there are a few things he hates…and he just has to tell you about them…


Theres a lot of diverse opinions about the new Star Trek show and most of them seem to mention the latest version of the Klingons at one time or another. I’m here to throw in my thoughts too, but not just about the Klingons.

The new Klingons; I hate them. I really do.

It’s not just because of their look, because lets face it that has varied throughout the different series, but it does niggle me a bit. It’s not specifically about the way they dress either – because that seems to be limited to the one ship in the Klingon fleet.

It’s about the one thing they did on the last episode that placed the new version of the Klingon race beyond the edge of my limits. They admitted to eating Captain Georgiou. I’m sorry but that is taking it too far. Yes, I can see Klingons eating raw meat, live worms etc. but the limit of my sensibilities it reached when Klingons admit to eating humans. I’m not saying its not in keeping with what we know about them, but even the Klingons of the Enterprise NX01 era seems to be more enlightened than this.


Come on Star Trek, where do you think you are going with this? It’s just not what we think of when we talk about Klingons. It’s not even explained whether they consider it honourable or not. Maybe, if it was a mythical way of absorbing the essence of the warrior, I would find this acceptable. However, the way it was presented as a passing comment just made it all the more horrible. These are not the Klingons we have come to know and which many fans like. Just one example of the writers going too far.

The second example, and one which I had hoped never to see on a Star Trek series, is the explotation of a clearly sentient species. I refer again to the latest episode (4) as I write this. Within that episode we see the giant Tardigrade being used as a supercomputer to access the full potential of the Spore Drive. Even the use of a non-sentient species would be abhorrent, but these prople on this ship – The Discovery – are commiting one of the worst crimes in the Star Trek universe. Lets face it, they are not even asking the creature if it wants to participate. Maybe I could accept this, if the creature agreed, but this isn’t Star Trek and I hate it.

In Star Trek: The Search for Spock, we learned that the needs of the many do not always outweigh the needs of the few, or the one. In fact we learn that it is reasonable only to assume this in a situation where this is the choice of the individual, (that is the “one”). In this epsiode, we do not see the Tardigrade make that choice. Without the ability to reason that choice on its own, we can’t make thae choice for it. It would be at the very least inhuman.

Maybe this is one of the many things that we will see Michael have to come to terms with as she learns about her new role as a member of the science division on the Discovery.

This is more like the sort of thing that Section 31 would do and that also makes me wonder whether this is the way that this new series is going. If it is, then I don’t like it.

Trek has always been about showing our best selves and making the best decisions in the worst situations. Not always the right decisions. I think in this situation, they should have found some other way of resolving the problem. Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons is not good. It’s incompatible with the overall morality of the show. I’m sorry, but the writers need to get this sorted quickly otherwise I and many more people will be walking away.