Louis looks at the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery and gives us less of a review and more of an analysis….spoilers ahead!


This weeks episode gives us more of a classic Star Trek theme, but will it be enough to please the purists or just add to the level of things they get annoyed about?

In a week where we have had no episode of The Orville, it was really great to have a Star Trek show that finally did Trek the way we like it. In brief, a rescue mission in which we see more of our main characters history and her relationship with both her guardian and her captain.

There are some good performances in this episode, not least of which was by Jason Isaacs who reveals Captain Lorca’s true nature. This may open us up to some interesting character arcs in future episodes. In addition, Sonequa Martin-Green offers up more as Burnham than we have seen from her in the last two episodes and we learn more about what has driven her to where she is and why Sarek is so linked to her choices.

Special note should be given to the performance of Anthony Rapp as Stamets. His character has pretty much changed overnight, mainly because he has such a close link to the spore drive now. As a consequence, he is extremely relaxed and talkative – resembling someone on magic mushrooms, which I suppose he is. It’s a nice change.

This story leads to some great plot points for the rest of the series, but stands alone as a great “Trek” story in it’s own right. Despite what other reviewers seem to be saying, I feel that they are too involved in trying to point out how this series is going wrong without seeing the big picture. I have had to evolve my own attitudes towards this new show and feel that is progressing well even when compared to The Next Generation / Voyager and DS9. It matches Enterprise, and may be better in my humble oppinion – but we have yet to see. As a new show, it has come out fighting and has caused masses of discussion and commentary – which is only a good thing.

There are going to be those who discuss some of the technology portrayed in this episode and who will turn around and argue that it should not or did not exist at this time. Sorry folks but we don’t actually know that. Just because we never actually observed a holodeck on the original Enterprise doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. We shouldn’t let the technological limitations of past TV shows spoil the promise of new ones…thats all I’m saying.

We also get to see more of the Vulcan martial arts this episode as well, which not only adds to the lore, but is in fact one of the more interesting aspects of the Vulcan background. It is extremely convincing in its execution.

Now we come to Sarek, who is the main reason for this episode. We not only learn more about the relationship between him and Burnham, but we also learn how his relationship with Burnham has and will affect his future relationship with his own son, Spock. It’s an interesting dynamic and I only hope they expand upon this. James Frain does his usual good job here, but I can’t help but think that he would have been more convincing as a Vulcan if he had portrayed Sarek with an English voice rather than an American one. He is afterall an English actor. It just doesn’t seem convincing in this role.

This episode is the third in which Frain has appeared and a quick look at IMDb would have you believe that he will only appear in 3 episodes this season. We will have to see, but I hope not because I would like to see more of his interactions with his human wife Amanda, who is played by Mia Kirshner. Kirshner does a great job in such a short time and I want to see more of her interactions with Burnham. Please.

Altogether a lot of new lore and a few nice easter eggs this episode, which is as it should be. Long live Star Trek.