Louis looks at the latest episode of Supergirl and gives us a quick overview. Spoilers ahead….

new supergirl logo

You’ll notice that I’m not consistent about continually reviewing a TV series. That’s because I watch so many to be honest. So, I tend to only review those episodes that catch my attention and make me smile, react, weep or just go wow to.

This episode is all about fathers and deals with J’onn J’onzz brief return to Mars and Maggie’s separation from her own father. Not only is it well written, but it has some great character moments for Maggie.

We have two concurrent plots running in this weeks show, the continuing marriage preparations for Alex and Maggie’s wedding and J’onn returning to Mars at the request of M’gann M’orzz, Miss Martian. Whilst Maggie has to come to terms with her past treatment by her father, J’onn finds a father he thought had died. This has a profound effect on him but is soured by the fact that his father does not believe it is him.

On Earth, Maggie gets the courage to phone her father and ask him to her wedding shower, and at first it seems to pay off. However, although he appears to be accepting, (if a little cautious), of Maggie’s relationship – he soon expresses his true feelings and upsets the situation. His feelings are coloured by his treatment in the past and there is even some reference to a wall being built. In the end though, it causes Maggie to realise that she has been hanging on to the hope that he might relent. So when he doesn’t, she tells him that she is happy in her own skin. Emotionally it is a great piece of acting.

maggies dad
Maggie confronts her father…

Meanwhile on Mars… (I’ve always wanted to write that), J’onn manages to get through to his father with the help of Supergirl. She makes J’onzz senior realise that this is about saving the planet and is greater than his own fears. In opening up his mind to J’onn, the elder Martian see’s his son’s memories and realises the truth of the situation. There is an emotional reunion and all three of them rush off to rescue a super weapon from the bad White Martians and prevent further destruction. There’s a pretty cool scene where Supergirl arrives at the cave where the White Martians are gathering in J’onn’s car blurting out Britney Spears from the speakers. This can only mean that J’onn is a fan of Britney as we all know you can’t receive radio transmissions underground in a cavern on a planet 50 million miles away from the source. Ergo, he must have a recording of some sort.

britney vs the martians
Enter the Martian Mobile to the tunes of Britney Spears

There is a battle and in the end Supergirl kicks ass, they save the day and are asked to take the weapon off planet where it can do no harm. J’onn brings his dad back to Earth and Supergirl flies off to no doubt hide the weapon that seems to have disappeared during their journey home.

supergirl vs white martians again
Apparently Supergirl doesn’t mind killing White Martians

So, there is a lot more character driven filler in this episode to pad out what is basically a great excuse to bring Maggie and Alex closer together and dispel Maggie’s demons. It is both light hearted and serious at the same time. Alex wants kids and thinks that by helping Maggie confront her past it will open up this possibility for their future. In reality it makes no difference because Maggie’s decision not to have children is rooted in her own need to be with Alex. Slightly selfish you might say, but its her decision and Alex seems to want to go with it for now. I can see problems here.

jonns space car
J’onn’s car, which is also a spaceship that plays Britney

I am looking forward to the new dynamic between J’onn and his father. Fans of DC animation will know that Carl Lumbly has voiced the Martian Manhunter in several of the DC animated movies and TV series. Lumbly is no stranger to science fiction either, having been on BattleStar Galactica, SeaQuest 2032, The X-Files and Alias to name just a few. He brings a great deal of character to the role and I look forward to seeing him in future episodes.

The effects this episode are “okay” but there still seems to be a lip syncing problem when the green Martians speak to anyone. When it is so easy to do decent prosthetics nowadays, I can’t see why this is happening. It distracts from the experience in so many ways.

can everyone on this planet do that?

The one effect that I did like this episode was when Supergirl flew away near the end. Wow. That was a truly movie quality effect and completely seamless. It was shortly followed by J’onzz senior asking his son, “can everyone on this planet do that?” A nice touch.

Altogether a more optimistic episode than of late and one which expands upon the characters and bodes changes for the future. I like it a lot.