Life, the Multiverse and a bottle of whisky…


Lightsabre UK originally started as a fan fiction website. Many of it’s contributors were in a Star Wars Roleplaying Game group and created a whole galaxy of characters, guides and stories based upon the adventures they took part in. It soon became an obsession.

Stories and guides led to artwork, intricate timelines and articles on how to create a good roleplaying scenario. The stories took up a life of their own and a one shot comic was created.

Whilst all this was going on we featured interviews with writers, actors and members of the Star Wars community. We added reviews too.

The hits just kept on coming and at a time when access to the internet was still mostly via dialup or low speed broadband we were racking up thousands of views a day and over a hundred thousand hits a month. We became a very big site, really quickly, and merged with the site – but that essentially became the end of the site as it was.

Now we are back and we will slowly be adding back all the old stuff, whilst broadening our remit to include all things Science Fiction and Fantasy based – or as much as we have time to review and fit in.

If you wish to contribute, send us your ideas. We look forward to your comments too.