Life, the Multiverse and a bottle of whisky…


Louis Turfrey

Co-owner / Editor / Designer & Contributor

One of the original two creators of the first Lightsabre website, Louis has been tweeting about his favourite TV shows for some time now.

Louis is registered as disabled and due to his illness is now forced to relax and de-stress which is how this relaunch of the site has come to pass. He has far too much time on his hands. Louis also sometimes works as an unpaid ghost writer, a freelance reviewer and sometimes he even has time to play a song or two on his guitar – when his illness allows.

Louis has written for Den of Geek as a reviewer and also for Micromart Magazine – where he had a weekly column for a little under ten years. He has also contributed to many computer trade publications.

As a father of two supposedly (nearly) adult children, (and despite a divorce), he has done his best to be a good parent. As a consequence, his son and daughter are better artists, science fans and writers than he is. Luckily they follow the family tradition of being Star Wars and Game of Thrones fans too. Just goes to prove you can get some things right.

His favourite comics characters are Deadpool and Superman, but nobody likes Superman nowadays so he just admits to Deadpool. This may change when the new Wonder Woman movie is released.

Mark Newbold

Co-owner / Editor / Designer & Contributor

Mark is the ultimate Star Wars geek. He is a major contributor to and owner of and writes for the Star Wars Blog, Star Wars Insider Magazine and regularly appears on TV, (when they need a Star Wars expert).

Mark also writes for DeAgostini’s Build The Millennium Falcon partwork.

His role as a freelance contributor to the Star Wars Insider began with issue 90 in September 2006. He contributed an article on The 2006 Artoos Awards ceremony. Since issue 130 he has mostly written the My Star Wars section and has been the primary contributor to the Red Five section. As of issue 138 he began contributing to the Launch Pad section of the magazine.

He is also the host, (alongside James Burns), of Jedi News Networks RADIO 1138 podcast, (formerly on the Rebel Force Radio feed), which launched it’s debut episode in October 2013. His podcast credits don’t end there though. He is also a co-host of JNN’s Take Cover podcast with Brian Cameron and Matt Booker and has appeared on over 50 different podcasts.

Mark has been a writer for a long time, with his first printed appearance in the letters page of Return of The Jedi – Weekly on August 31st 1983. This is where his fan fiction character Jan Lomona first appeared.

Mark was webmaster of between 2000 and 2009, taking over from co-owner Louis Turfrey. In 2010 it was announced at Celebration V, in Florida, that Lightsabre would merge and form a new site with Jedi News, retaining the more popular Jedi News brand name.

Mark has also contributed to the Star Wars website.

Some say Mark is related to Odin, but it’s just a rumour put about by Loki at Mark’s wedding reception.

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