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The Legal Stuff

The stories on these pages are fan fiction only and not for profit in any way. Wherever possible, we have made every effort to ensure that these stories follow the guidelines laid out by the originators of the original works and franchises they may be based upon. If you feel that your original work is misrepresented in any way then please contact the team and they will do their best to make sure that your needs and requirements are met.

If you are a writer of fan fiction, please contact us if you want to submit work.

Lightsabre does it’s best to make sure that the works published on this site meet the legal requirements for fan fiction and online publishing. That being said, we do not accept liability for what is written within these articles and it is the writers job to make sure what they are writing is decent, non libellous and not plagiarised. No work on this site can be re-published or duplicated in any form without the permission of the writer.

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